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Get more ROI out of your brand video

Want more ROI out of your video marketing dollars?
Here’s 3 tips to skyrocket your ROI with video:

GIF It Up!

Use GIFs to make your website pop! Swap out static images with gifs on your website for dynamic movement on screen. GIFs help the speed of your website so you can mass GIF without worrying about video lag. Save actual video formats for longer form videos. See this in action on the website!

Viva La Vertical

As a cinematographer, I have a love/hate relationship with vertical video. However, it’s the future for mobile video! I think about how your videos will look vertically before filming so you have multiple formats to work with!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Pro Tip: You can actually reuse video content multiple times across multiple platforms! Repetition helps brand recognition, so reuse and repurpose your video content as much as possible. That means you can take snippets from a longer video to use on Reels and TikTok, then post your longer video to IG, FB, and YouTube!

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’ve been filming businesses, brands, events, and e-learning content for the better part of a decade. My goal is to help businesses thrive (see what I did there?) through branded video content. Ready to get started? 

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