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Brand Minis | The First Step to a Great First Impression

First impressions are important and your first impression online is no different. When a client looks at your website, social media, or print materials, you need to make a good first impression. The #1 way you can do that is with elevated photo and video content.

That’s where brand minis come in! 1 hour session complete with photo + video content. Welcome to the world of done-for-you content! Brand Minis include a mini-promo film, photos, and b-roll.

Planning your shoot:

  • I encourage you to create a Pinterest board of your go-to aesthetic and poses you’d like during your session.
  • Your session includes photo and video content; so your photo inspiration will also serve as a guide for broll videos.
  • You’ll receive a guide to walk you through scripting your video.

The content you’ll get:

Promo videos combine talking head and broll to reach your target audience:

Brand Imagery is edited to match your aesthetic to feature your services and highlight your personality. I encourage you to bring props to elevate your images!

Last but not least, and everyones favorite part, is the b-roll videos. These short videos can be used as easy social media clips and used to elevate your website by replacing static images with video.

Wether you’re doing a custom branding session or brand minis, this is the kind of content you can expect from your session, but of course custom to your brand and services!

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